A mental institution set in the days when electro-shock therapy was all the rage. Torture, abuse, and daily treatments got to be a little much for our inmates, and the tables got turned. We keep them in there, but there's no guarantee that they'll only go after the doctors on staff. We'll need you to go in and let us know if any of the medical staff are still alive, if you think you're up for it. Weave your way through a corridor of fright as you try to get away from the inmates who have been pent up and have more than an just axe to grind.

With Texas' largest cell block hallway outside of a prison, and one of our asylum staff dentist who has taken matters into his own hands, you'll work your way through infirmaries and inmates who will want out just as much as you do. We wish you better luck than the Sanitarium staff had.

Sanitarium Evidence Gallery

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