Houston's Only Free Professional Haunted Attraction

This year Houston Haunted Houses is pleased to announce
The Texas Chainsaw Maze will continue to be a free attraction.
Pick up a free ticket from the ticket window and you are in for free.

No haunted house attraction anywhere is complete without paying respect to the classic of all classics. In our maze, you will get lost on the way out as your heart races and you break into a sweat trying to outrun the evils that lurk from the movie that bears the name of our maze. Whether you run into Leatherface, the Old Man, the Hitchhiker, or anyone else ready to slice and dice you, rest assured that your pulse will race and you will get thrills, chills, and more. When you exit, you'll feel relief. That is, until you turn around and realize that the one you love.... never made it out.

  • FREE Haunted House
  • FREE Suspension Show
  • FREE Live Music
  • FREE XBOX360 Giveaways
  • FREE Vendor Booths Spaces
  • FREE Live Freak Show

The Houston Scream Fest is FREE so why would you spend money anywhere else?